Plumbing Installation and Replacements

Remodeling Plumber – When remodeling, some businesses and homes may require new installation or repairs. Whether it’s a supply line installation or you need a water heater repaired, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to make sure your remodel goes smoothly. When you need a plumbing contractor for remodels, don’t hesitate to call Lefty’s first!


Water Heater Repair

We offer repair solutions for water heater problems, and services to winterize or de-winterize water heaters.

Toilet Repair

Toilets are very efficient at carrying away waste, but also susceptible to clogged drains. We have the right tools to handle any toilet repair issues and ensure they work properly.

Garbage Disposals

If you'd like add a garbage disposal to your sink or if your current garbage disposal isn’t working, give us a call.

Sink Repair

Some homes and businesses may have old pipelines that may be rotting away, so to ensure proper flow of water and waste management, we offer repipe repairs and supply line repairs as well.

New Construction Plumber

We offer all plumbing services on new constructions. Whether a new building or a new home, we have the knowledge and experience you need to get the job done right the first time.

Toilet Installation

We can do toilet repiping as well as new toilet installation for new construction, remodels, and just general toilet replacement.

Water Heater Services

To ensure your pipes work efficiently, we can perform various water heater

services, such as winterizing pipes during the cold months and de-winterizing them in warmer seasons.

Replacement and Installation

Some homes may have old and nonfunctional waters heaters, so for that, we offer the option of water heater replacement, ensuring that you'll save money by getting the job right the first time around.